One of a kind

Using shotguns, assault rifles, or rocket launchers are fun in first-person shooters, but sometimes there are guns that set themselves apart for being different. Here are some of my favorite unique weapons I’ve witnessed while playing a varied amount of first-person shooters.

The BFG-9000 is obviously the one I have to put. If you don’t know what it means, you might wanna google it!  It was by far the most craziest weapon in the game I’ve used when I was playing Doom as a child. It’s a weapon that is designed to destroy hordes of demons in such a bloody and “gorgeous” way. I don’t think there will be a game that can create a weapon that is as crazy as this one.

I always feel like it’s kind of sad people don’t mention the Redeemer from the original Unreal Tournament. It’s literally a gun where you can a control a nuke-like missile to kill your opponents. It’s a glorious weapon to use and you can’t help, but put a grin when you manage to get someone with that gun.

Resistance: Fall of Man is a great first-person shooter that has many cool kinds of weapons. Even the standard fair weapons are fairly unique and the one I picked was the Bullseye. It’s an alien assault rifle that’s unique by being able to shoot an alternative bullet to “guide” the bullets from the gun. I don’t know how one simple change can make a standard weapon feel so much fun to use and one of the most memorable weapons too.

What’s better than having one rocket launcher? Two rocket launchers that act like machine guns. The Devastator is by far the strongest weapon in Duke Nukem 3D and it’s just a lot of fun to mow down hordes of aliens into piles of turkey giblets.

The Halo series does got some interesting weapon here and there as far as uniqueness goes. The one I always seem to favorite was Energy Sword. If you played a lot of Halo multiplayer, it’s gonna teach you the whole “bring a knife to a gun fight” is not really much of an issue in the world of Halo. The Energy Sword is extremely deadly up close due to the lunge range and it’s guaranteed to kill you in one swipe if you don’t have an Overshield which increases your resistance to damage.

These are some weapons that I can currently remember as I’m typing this blog. There’s a lot more since there’s a lot of first-person shooters that’s been made, but I feel like I’ve played enough of them to experience some really cool weapons that I managed to use to kill AI or players over a multiplayer match.


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