Tunes of Destruction

First-person shooters are known to be violent and action-packed. Matter of fact, some of the most controversial and violent video games come from this genre. But I don’t want to talk about that. There might be a time where I’ll eventually tackle the controversial side of first-person shooters, but today, I want to talk about my love for the soundtracks of various first-person shooters.

I always loved video game music. I do consider video game music to be a ‘real” genre of music that people should respect and treat it like an actual genre like pop, rock, hip-hop, and so on. There’s not really an ideal sound of what video game soundtracks could be. Some of them might be electronic, orchestral, metal, and  more. Here are some of my favorite first-person shooters I play that has a bangin’ soundtrack as I’m playing them.

Doom has always been my go to game when I think of favorite video game soundtracks. The classic games had a lot of heavy metal samples in its soundtrack ranging from Slayer to Pantera. I never really thought they sounded metal enough to be considered metal, but it was always cool to see Bobby Prince, the composer, would put his twist or style on it versus the original track. These songs were generally used to pump you up as you are killing demons left and right. The game does got some more atmospheric and menacing songs too.

These songs were really dark especially when I listen to it in today’s age. I think some of them did kind of creep me or left chills in my spine when I listened to them back when I was very young. It’s just great to see how timeless the soundtrack of this game has been after many years.

The reboot version stays very true to the classic games. It’s metal samples are no longer just samples, it’s actually metal. It’s used very often in firefights to enhance the experience and there’s a range of metal that  can be heard from nu-metal to industrial. It also had the more ambient and moody songs too which I did enjoy, but I didn’t feel like it was as dark or scary.

I always loved Halo‘s soundtrack. It’s just very grand and epic when you listen to the songs. It’s predominantly orchestral music with some electronic elements to give the game a sci-fi feel because Halo is a sci-fi based first-person shooters. Just like Doom, it has your anthem tracks ranging to ambient tracks and they were used very properly throughout the many games that series has released.

I haven’t really enjoyed the newer game’s soundtrack that much since Bungie is no longer working on series and it’s given to 343 Industries. The original composer, Marty o’ Donnell, eventually left Bungie due to personal conflicts within the company, but I really admire what he did with Destiny because I personally felt like the soundtrack was just too epic for what the game tried to do.

Quake 2 is all my time favorite Quake game. It’s just so much fun to play, it’s more colorful than the original game, and I loved the art design of the game despite of not having any connection with the original game. Another reason of why it’s my favorite Quake game, is the AWESOME soundtrack. Some really good industrial rock and metal that’s just irresistible to headbang when you hear the songs. Id Software is the developer of both Doom and Quake, but I personally think the soundtrack of Quake 2 still have the best soundtrack out of any game they released. It’s that good.

There’s definitely more if you explore your taste of first-person shooters and you could stumble a game that might have a bangin’ soundtrack, but these are just some of my favorites. I personally feel like these are some of the best soundtrack I’ve heard from first-person shooters.



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