Doom 2016’s Campaign Weaknesses

When Doom 2016 came out, it was widely praised for the campaign portion out of three game modes it came with (Campaign, Multiplayer, and SnapMap.). Just like many people, I was one of those people who believed the campaign was the strongest aspect of the game, but I didn’t really see many people criticizing it as much compared to Multiplayer and SnapMap.

I’ve played and beaten the campaign quite a bit ever since the game was released on May 13, 2016. I’m definitely a lot more experienced with it compared to me playing it around that time and I can safely say, there are some noticeable faults or things I realize the more I played the campaign. Here are my thoughts on the campaign’s weaknesses.

  1. Rune Trials – These things are cool. I like how they do progress your character to be stronger by unlocking unique attributes, but the more you play and play, you realized a lot of them aren’t really that useful and once you know the right ones to go, you’ll realized there’s really no reason to do all of them unless you want achievements, but I don’t believe forcing players to get an achievement should be labelled as “meaningful” replay value.
  2.  Not action packed enough – I feel like I’m in the minority here. I was one of the few players who felt the action wasn’t intense enough. Even if I play it on Nightmare difficulty; the game hardest difficulty. With newer technology being displayed on present day hardware, it’s hard to put in around 40-50 demons on your screen like the classic games managed to do, but there were a lot of moments where I just wished there was more enemies to kill or I just felt like I wasn’t satisfied enough with some of these combat engagements.
  3. Weapon Balance – The weapon balance is definitely faulty once you max out all the weapons to its fullest potential and you play around with them, you can tell there are certain weapons that perform better than other or certain weapon mods that you want to use over the other one. Also, I just find it funny that some of the challenges of the earlier weapons are such a grind to unlock, but they really don’t improve them that much compared to the later weapons where you can easily make them stronger without needing to stress yourself to finish these challenges. This can definitely hurt the replay value because you’ll realize there are certain weapons and weapon mods you want to use and avoid.
  4. Not many memorable/excellent levels – The original Doom and Doom II had A LOT of memorable levels whether it’s how well the combat engagements were or just certain set pieces that stands out from each other. While there were no bad levels in Doom 2016, I just can’t help it, but say there are not many levels that I consider excellent.
  5. Super Shotgun’s Strength – I personally think the Super Shotgun is disappointingly weak in campaign. It’s just inconsistent to use for close range when weak enemies like the Imp or Possessed Soldier have a chance to survive. The Super Shotgun is one of the most iconic Doom weapons and I just find it frustrating that it’s not as strong like its predecessors. I will say this though, once you upgrade it to its fullest potential, it’s not that bad, but it’s still not on the same level on Doom II‘s Super Shotgun.

That’s really all I have to say about my problems with Doom 2016‘s campaign. With that said, I still love it. I still see a reason to come back and play it again and I still believe it’s the strongest aspect from the game. However, I don’t always believe it was one of those games that did so many things right where you couldn’t see its weaknesses. Doom 2016‘s campaign is great, but it’s not on the same level as the original and its sequel. Those are masterpieces right there.


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