Duke Nuekm’s Future

I finally saw the brand new footage of Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition where Duke Nukem is making an appearance in the world of Bulletstorm for some reason, and I wasn’t too impressed. I really don’t know why Gearbox is trying to use the Duke Nukem IP in such questionable moves. There was a recently released remastered port of Duke Nukem 3D, one of my favorite first-person shooters I’ve played as a child, called Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour. The port included enhanced graphics, lighting, remade and additional music, and eight new levels. I actually thought it wasn’t too bad. I loved the new levels and they were definitely done on a higher standard by being bigger and more challenging in the gameplay department. However, I felt like it was rather rushed, moderately overpriced, and I think there were things that could’ve been done better.

Now, Gearbox decided to use to take Duke Nukem in the world of Bulletstorm and basically count it as his “new and modern” game. It’s just annoying that the Duke Nukem series is not going in the direction of Wolfenstein or Doom. He should have a brand new game that takes advantage of today’s technology, and not be on these remasters or ports of older games.

Duke Nukem Forever has plagued Duke Nukem’s reputation among gamers. I was one of those few people who thought the game wasn’t as bad as the reviewers or gamers said it was. It had its moments. I liked how the game tried to keep a lot of the set pieces in a fairly varied design from platforming, shooting, puzzle solving, and so many more. But then again, it wasn’t as good as Duke Nukem 3D and it did have somewhat of an identity crisis whether it was trying to appeal to old school PC-based first-person shooter fans or the people who grew up on shooters ahead of those games. Still though, both Wolfenstein and Doom have been successful rebooting well known ’90s first-person shooter series, why can’t Duke Nukem follow the same path?

I really hope there will be an announcement where Duke Nukem will finally have a brand new game and redeem his reputation. He used to be one of the iconic figures for first-person shooters at that time. It’s just painful for me who grew up playing Duke Nukem 3D to see how he’s just a laughing stock among gamers or a relic of the past. I know there is still potential for a great Duke Nukem game.


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