SnapMap Ideas I Might Try

I’m back into mapping for Doom (2016). I’ve recently remade Doom II‘s MAP27 (Monster Condo) and made an original hell themed map called Between Hell and Doom. Now, I’m just trying to figure out what I want to make in the future after taking a break from Decipher. I’m still not done with Decipher. I plan on doing something with that campaign of mine because it is by far the most accomplishing thing I’ve done for Doom with SnapMap. I really want a new SnapMap update to encourage me to map more and try out the new features like hopefully the Cyberdemon will be featured and or have new textures included. I would want new textures for both old and modern style, but the modern textures definitely need more.

Enough of me just typing a bunch of random SnapMap content. I should get into the main topic of this blog post. I definitely have plans of trying out more classic styled maps. I never made any full on classic themed maps. Now, I’ve made so many modern themed maps, I think it’s time for me to change up the pace and go back to 1994. I do know not all of the classic textures are included in SnapMap, so that kind of sucks and it might limit my imagination, but I think SnapMap needs more custom classic maps. I’ll definitely want to tackle that.

I could try to make a city similar to this with SnapMap.

Since Ghost in the Shell is coming out in theaters soon, I might make another cyberpunk-themed map, but it will be more of a campaign styled themed map rather than a survival styled map which I generally use the cyberpunk theme for. I don’t know if I feel like I can make it work for a campaign styled map, but it is something I think I could try to do since I always had a thing for cyberpunk when I was a lot younger. I’m proud I managed to make a cyberpunk themed city with my City Survival map and it was a lot of fun messing around the decals when I discovered how effective they were.

I really don’t know if there’s anything I want to do with SnapMap after that. I’ve been waiting for the next update and I’m sure this would give me  more ideas to play around and come up with more maps. I’m definitely passionate of this mode from Doom and I love making good maps for players to play, but also for myself. I might try to make another blog post about how SnapMap affected on how I play first-person shooters from a level designer standpoint rather than just a gamer or a fan of first-person shooter standpoint.

I definitely enjoyed level designing back in Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, but that was a real-time strategy game. I never really got into level designing for first-person shooters as much ever since I touched SnapMap.



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