How SnapMap Affects How I Play First-Person Shooters

I’m really glad SnapMap has gotten much better over the many free updates which enhances its usage as an in game map editor. It definitely got me into using SnapMap more to a point that I really try my best to be a top tier level designer for Doom 2016. I was never really got into level designing that much although back in Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne, I did enjoy making maps, but I would probably say I was still very young and my level of visual imagination was still developing. Now, I’ve gotten older and played so many games and simply “smarter” in a way. If I get stuck in trying to create an area, I’ll just simply play my favorite games to get inspiration or look at various pictures over the internet.

I have no desire of being a professional level designer in the future, but it is a fun hobby to do and after making many maps with quality and care, I definitely play my favorite games in a different way than how I would normally do before I really invested my time into SnapMap to become a top tier level designer. I notice I’m paying a lot more attention to the visuals of these games I play to get a sense of inspiration when I make my maps. It could be how they try to combine textures after textures or just certain props and objects they make. I would try to replicate similarly when I use SnapMap, but since I don’t like completely taking people’s idea, I always try to throw in my own twist to it.

I actually been having more interest in trying to play some of the popular megawads (map packs) from Doom II made by mappers who enjoy mapping as a hobby. These level designers may not be professional level designers, but there were a decent amount of level designers who got into the industry due to making maps for Doom in the early to late ’90s. They also make levels that look good enough to be professional. I play these maps to get more inspiration, but it’s also there to let me see how they take advantage of the game’s engine by providing tricks which does inspire me to do the same in how I could do it with SnapMap. I was always more into the official game rather than playing levels made by users, but I just simply enjoy mapping a lot to a point I must look for more inspiration and playing these user-made maps from Doom II has definitely been a pleasing experience.

It’s just crazy how I’m really appreciating people’s visual design and imaginations ever since I invested so much time into SnapMap. I am not the best visual artist when it comes to my maps since I always feel like I’m best at creating ¬†gameplay expereinces, but that is why I’ve been playing my games in a different perspective and digging myself in the world of Doom II‘s endless supply of user generated maps. I just simply want to get better at creating these breathtaking scenery


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