Duke Nukem & Bulletstorm

Recently, Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition has been released. There’s been quite a bit of controversy going on from professional video game reviewers to fans criticizing the idea of implementing Duke Nukem in Bulletstorm, but there’s also the questionable $60 pricing for a re-release of video game that came out back in early 2011 with little drastic enhancements from the original version.

I actually did enjoyed Bulletstorm. However, I lost a lot of my buzz and love for the game after the second playthrough when I started to notice a lot of its faults. I just felt like the game just has this crisis of satisfying the player with the environmental kills versus gun kills. There were moments where I literally didn’t have to shoot stuff to get more points which basically gives me more cash for my upgrades and I felt like that kind of detracted the experience. Not only that, the game was very linear and straightforward which also turned me off since level design is an important factor to single player driven first-person shooters.

However, I mostly wanted to create this blog post to talk about Duke Nukem. Lately, there’s been talk that people feel like this whole idea of implementing Duke Nukem just feels out of place and it’s probably the most interesting thing about this re-release. At first, I thought it would work because Bulletstorm is a silly game and the Duke Nukem games are known for being silly, but I was just shocked by how abysmal the voice acting was most of the time while watching YouTube videos of the game.

I also kind of started to realize. Did we really need this idea? There was nothing wrong with the main character of Bulletstorm. He was just like Duke Nukem who is silly and over the top, but was it really necessary? It definitely makes feel like Gearbox Software, who owns the Duke Nukem license, is trying to kill the IP in probably the worse way ever. The voice acting performance from the original main character was much better than what Jon St. John is pulling. I’m still really upset how bad it is especially when in Duke Nukem Forever, I thought the voice acting was fantastic.

The re-release of Duke Nukem 3D was definitely controversial with the pricing, but I personally thought the new maps were well done and I actually think I got my money’s worth even though it was only eight maps, but they were done with lots of quality and they felt very appropriate for Duke Nukem 3D‘s level design philosophy.

Despite of me changing opinions on Bulletstorm featuring Duke Nukem in the game, I personally think  this whole idea of putting Duke Nukem in a different game universe can be an interesting idea. It would’ve been a better idea to implement Duke Nukem in Doom (2016). In Doom, there’s no character dialogue at all and I think it would’ve been interesting to have Duke Nukem throw in his one liners and dialogues to spice up the experience. Not only that, there are a good amount of fans that like both Doom and Duke Nukem games. It would’ve been an interesting move and possibly make it into a free DLC and I think this would’ve be a good start for Duke Nukem to have his comeback.

Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition is a wonderful example of what you don’t want to do if you’re re-releasing an “old” game. I thought Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour was a dumb move at first glance, but I manage to appreciate it once I tried it. However, these remasters really need to stop. I don’t understand why people want slightly better graphics or better performance on their current generation of consoles when the older versions are still fine and playable. This trend really needs to stop in the gaming world.

Also, can Duke Nukem finally make some right moves? You know… A reboot. Please?


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