Bring back these oldies

Since my last blog post was about remastered video games in a way, I thought about why not talk a different side of remastering old video games or re-releasing them. They’re not all bad and sometimes they can be done well like the classic Doom Xbox 360 ports where they played well on the 360 and they were reasonably priced.

To this day, I find it strange that the PS3  got all official classic Doom content with a game called Doom Classic Complete, but on the Xbox 360, there was only the original game and the sequel. I think it would be nice to re-release this game again specifically for the Xbox side. The PC crowd actually got their own version of Doom Classic Complete, but I think its strange that Xbox hasn’t gotten all of the classic Doom content.

I am aware Quake has always been a PC dominant series. It had its console ports, but it never seemed to reach the same amount of success or love to the PC version. I personally would want a port of the original Quake. I’ve seen the console ports of that game and I’ve only played the N64 version of it, and I think it needs to be ported in today’s console generation. Back at those times, FPS games on consoles were still not the ideal way to play them compared to the PC. However, ever since Halo: Combat Evolved came out, it changed the landscape of first-person shooters.

I really do feel like Quake can be played well on your PS4 or Xbox One. Today’s gaming controllers are much more comfortable to play first-person shooters and I think Quake should have some love from the console crowd too. Doom has always been a dominant PC game, but it also has its love from the console crowd. Why can’t Quake do the same?

I personally want a Marathon trilogy on the Xbox platform. There was only a port of the second game which in my opinion is one of the best PC/MAC first-person shooters ported to a console. It’s pretty unreasonable to port these games because they are all free for download since Bungie, the developers, have made these games freeware. Still though, I think it would be awesome to have all the Marathon games on Xbox because the port of the second game was really well done. I believe they could throw in some exclusive stuff to make it more reasonable to put a price tag on it. It would also allow the series to have a new generation of fans which I believe Marathon deserves it because the game was really ahead of its time by how much it was trying to raise the bar for FPS design.

I don’t know if any of these things would come true, but as someone who really loves the ’90s first-person shooters so much and love playing a good port of them outside of the PC version, I believe it should happen. I guess I can only dream until a miracle will eventually happen.


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