First-Person Shooters Taking Risks

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Photo credit by Wikimedia Commons.

First-person shooters have always been a competitive genre for developers to make. What is this game gonna do differently compared to this game, but at the same time, it’s tough to sell a first-person shooter that tries to be different when there are many first-person shooter titles that have done very well financially. But doesn’t anyone feel like we have so many of these games that play it safe?

As much I love Doom (2016), I personally feel like it didn’t do anything too groundbreaking or anything that felt risky. Maybe, the whole idea that it is faster paced than a lot of first-person shooters out there like I do feel your movement speed is faster than a Call of Duty or Halo. But other than that, it didn’t give me that sense of vibe that this game will only appeal to a certain audience like the original Marathon did with its maze-like level design or it’s much slower paced than a lot of first-person shooters at that time.

I’m really dying to see something different. Not particularly like the first of its kind or something truly innovative, but something that I feel like it can set a standard for future games. The original Halo set a standard for the popularity of console shooters or Half-Life set a standard for a more story and immersion driven based first-person shooter experience. Are there any developers that are really going to pull a risky move on their games?

I’m sure it’s extremely tough to create a game that can be different from the popular shooters in today’s times or even past times. The genre is very old. It’s actually around 25-30 years old. I’m sure with that amount of time, there’s been many first-person shooters that have been made. I’m dying to see a first-person shooter that pushes the difficulty even higher than what I’ve been playing in the last 25 years of my life. Give me a game that’s really gonna beat me up and make me want to come back and play the game again to teach it a lesson.  I personally think there’s room for a cyberpunk first-person shooter that can popularize that type of shooter which was not that popular back in the ’90s or even today’s time.

I feel like there needs to be a first-person shooter that can take risks and not be afraid of not reaching a certain number of sales like a lot of games nowadays. Are we ever gonna see that game come to life? Time will tell.


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