id Software – My Favorite FPS Developer

I’m sure many hardcore gamers have their favorite video game developers. It can range from Blizzard to Valve to Bungie. My favorite one has always been id Software. Just in case you don’t know much about the history of first-person shooters, these guys were the pioneers of my beloved video game genre due to creating titles like Doom, Quake, and Wolfenstein. It kind of makes sense for me to like them since I’m such a FPS addict.

It all started with the original Doom when my cousin showed me it back when we were probably around five to seven years old. Yeah, we were really young and it’s funny how we were playing a game that was controversial due to the Columbine incident. It was so much fun to play it and I simply wanted to get my own copy of the game so I could play it on my own time rather than go to his house. I loved the first game  so much, I eventually discovered the sequel and also loved it as much.

I actually went to another cousin of mine’s house and he had a game called Wolfenstein: 3D. I remember enjoying it a lot when I first played it even though it was older than Doom, so I think I laughed at how cartoony it looked at that time, but I was shocked to see the id Software logo where I’m like, “Wait! That’s the guys that made Doom.” I also remember playing Quake 3 Arena at my local computer shop and I also was aware it was made by id Software.

As time progressed, I realized how much of a first-person shooter fan I am just because of these guys. Their games have always been just very fun to play and they always had that certain charm I always could resonate so well compared to other video game developers and their first-person shooters they’ve made.

I just think id Software just knows how to make the players feel like a complete one man army or some sort of dominant hero if one knows how to play their games very well. Let me share you with some examples. In Doom, you’re always alone and you’re slaughtering countless of demons with a lot of fun and satisfying weapons. In Quake 3 Arena, when you’re playing very well and everything is going your way; you have map control, your movement is spot on, your aim is just steady. That sense of buzz you get is just so incredible and it’s hard for me to describe it, but I always have that sense of feeling when I play a game by these guys. It’s definitely one of the reasons why I love playing these games from this company.

I personally thought they’ve been on a downfall ever since RAGE happened in 2011. I thought the game was okay, but it wasn’t up to their standard. It just wasn’t the same to the games I grew up on, but ever since Doom (2016) came out, my love for the developer has instantly sparked up and I feel like the kid I was when I first played the original game and its sequel. It’s really great to see how things have come for them, and I know I am always going to be a fan and respect them for being the developers that got me into first-person shooters back when I was a child.


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