I Don’t Have a Favorite Shooter

I always believed the games I played all have their pros and cons. I love both the original Doom and Duke Nukem 3D for being fantastic single player experiences, but I love Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Halo 2 for being fantastic multiplayer experiences. However, there are different styles of first-person shooters too. Some of them are more “old-school” where these games follow the design philosophy of ’90s first-person shooters and some of them are following what a lot of first-person shooters are implementing for today’s crowd.

Sometimes, it’s fun to play a game Call of Duty and just have that fast time to kill and Rambo fantasy of shooting your assault rifle with controllable recoil and getting rewarded as you play very well. However, I don’t mind playing a shooter that’s more over the top and ridiculous to a point I can rocket jump myself to higher levels or have the ability to increase my movement as I strafe jump. I don’t want to use a M16 at times, I sometimes want to use a lightning gun to kill my opponent.

It’s always great to be able to carry all your weapons that you find throughout your campaign in a Duke Nukem 3D style of experience, but sometimes, I like to be strategic of what I can use and can’t use in a Halo styled format. Stories in video games have always been a fairly debatable topic whether it enhances the overall playing experience or not, but sometimes, I want to have a story in my campaign since single player experiences are supposed to be about immersion, but sometimes having a story line can enhance that.

I really love how this genre does got a lot of different styles of first-person shooters. Some of them will follow a certain format of design and some of them will follow a different one. It’s all about how you present that design at the end of the day and of course deliver quality to us gamers to enjoy or inspire.


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