I Prefer Single Player FPS More

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Photo credit by Flickr.

When I was young and pretty much discovered this fascinating thing called online gaming. I was really hooked because I grew up playing against AI throughout my childhood and during my teenage years was coming along, I eventually got decent internet connection to play online games.

My first online game I ever played was Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne. It wasn’t a first-person shooter, but a strategy game, and it was definitely a very fun and mesmerizing experience to be able to play against players around the world instead of AI that was designed from the developers themselves.

I believed my very first online first-person shooter experience was Soldier of Fortune or Doom 3. I really did enjoyed playing online multiplayer first-person shooters as much as I did with Warcraft 3. It was definitely a lot of fun and it seemed like I could never go back to playing single player to the same enjoyment I once had. Destroying my opponents over the online world was just too much fun whether I was playing a deathmatch or capture the flag mode. However, as time passes by, I kind of learned that I pretty much prefer single player games more in general and this is definitely true for first-person shooters.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love playing online multiplayer to this day. I do have a fix to wanting to play Halo: The Master Chief Collection when I really want to play a satisfying multiplayer game, that’s generally my go to online game on the Xbox One. I’m not entirely anti multiplayer. I can still enjoy them as much as my single player experiences. The question is, why all of sudden I don’t enjoy multiplayer as much as I used to?

First of all, I’ve always had a pretty weak internet connection and for those who play a lot of online games, connection is definitely key to your playing performance. Some genres are much more demanding than others and first-person shooters in my opinion, is some of the demanding ones out there. If you’re not playing a good connection or your connection isn’t in favor of the host or server, your connection performance is going to affect your level of enjoyment.

You could put tons of bullets and shots into your opponents and it seems like he or she won’t die, but he or she can kill you in a matter of seconds which can totally ruin a lot of the fun if you don’t want to witness so much nonsense while playing online.

As I graduated high school, I realized a lot of my friends I used to play with have moved on to playing video games. It’s either they don’t got the time for it anymore or they simply don’t have the same interest in them like they once were when teenagers. Playing with friends have always been a fun and social thing to do with video games which did encourage me to play multiplayer games more. However, this type of activity has died down as I gotten older.

Single player driven games are just simple. You just simply load up a game and you’re ready to play. You don’t have to worry about getting bad teammates on your team, worrying about playing on a bad connection, or going against players that can ruin your fun like playing with hackers or people abusing the game’s exploits. You pretty much get an optimal playing experience right off the bat while when we playing online games, you’ll never know what kind of matches you’ll get.

People always like to say once you beat a campaign of first-person shooter, there’s no point of going back to it, but I beg to differ. You can play it on a higher skill level, you can try out different strategies and some games kind of feature an alternative mode like Doom (2016) has an Arcade Mode which does play it differently than the standard Campaign mode where it’s much more faster-paced and arcade-like.

First-person shooters are generally popular for multiplayer experiences today, so it might seem strange for the new aged gamers for me to say this, but first-person shooters actually started off having a lot of strong single player experiences. Multiplayer may be the ideal way to play your favorite video games in today’s age especially with eSports is becoming bigger and bigger, but sometimes, it’s best to take a break from your Call of Duty and just play some Quake and shoot a bunch of ghoulish demons in a medieval themed setting.


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