My Top 10 Shotguns in First-Person Shooters

Someone managed to make a video with a similar idea I had when I was typing this blogpost.

Shotguns are always fun to use in first-person shooters. I learned that when playing Doom and Duke Nukem 3D when I was a lot younger. I thought about why not look back at the many first-person shooters I’ve played and see which shotgun was my favorite one to use. So let’s get to it.

10. Double Barrelled Shotgun – Quake – This gun isn’t as fun to use like it is in Doom 2, but I still love using this weapon. Just like a lot of shotguns in video games, it’s optimal in close quarters and I absolutely love the speed of this gun since it reloads very fast compared to other the other shotguns I’ve used in this list.

9. Doom 3 – Shotgun – This gun is quite controversial among Doom fans. It doesn’t have the same amount of versatility of the original and the biggest turn off for this gun is the lack of range. You absolutely have to use it in nearly a point blank situation to make the weapon show its true strength. However, I always loved this gun and I personally feel like if you know how to use it properly, it is almost as satisfying as the original game’s and god do I love gibbing zombies with this gun. It also got such a sexy reloading animation.

8.  Shotgun – Duke Nukem 3D – The regular shotgun in this game is the all rounder. Great for close range, but also deadly at far range. It’s just insane this thing has a very tight spread where you can almost treat it like a sniper rifle. It also has a satisfying sound effect when you fire it; making the enemies you kill always rewarding.

7. Shotgun – Duke Nukem Forever – I may be in the minority here, but I actually think the Shotgun in Duke Nukem Forever was more satisfying to use than Duke Nukem 3D. I just love how the weapon looks when you carry it, it has a sexy reload animation and it just sounds more satisfying than the one in Duke Nukem 3D. It isn’t as powerful as the Duke Nukem 3D version for sure, but it isn’t a weak weapon either. You gotta the gibbing effect it comes with it too.

6. Spas 12 – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – I remember when I first saw Call of Duty Youtuber, Sandy Ravage, using the Spas-12 and playing aggressively against his online opponents, it inspired me to use this gun more. It is an extremely satisfying weapon to use and by far the best shotgun I’ve ever used in a Call of Duty weapon. What makes it deadly is a consistent weapon to get a one shot kill up close and can still do damage at close mid to mid range which makes this weapon a force to be reckoned with. It’s just a shame the shotguns I’ve used in the later games haven’t come close to the magic of this one.

5. Automatic Shotgun/Schockhammer – Wolfenstein: The New Order/Old Blood – I absolutely love the Automatic Shotgun in Wolfenstein: The New Order. The name is fairly self explanatory and thing can also rip Nazi’s body pieces apart which makes it a very satisfying weapon to for close range. It also has a weapon mod which is called Shrapnel rounds which is also just as strong as using the normal rounds.

The prequel featured a downgraded version called the Schockhammer, but it’s still as fun to use since the prequel took at an earlier time setting than Wolfenstein: The New Order, so it made sense for the gun to be downgraded. However, it’s still just as fun to kill Nazis as the Automatic Shotgun.

4. Super Shotgun (SnapMap) – Doom (2016) – I will admit. I have mixed feelings of the Super Shotgun of the campaign variant. I think it’s very mediocre without reaching its maxed upgrade variant since it’s not really a consistent weapon for one shot kills on weaker enemies like the Imp or Possessed Soldier, and it has very little range. The multiplayer variant is ok where it can be deadly up close and if you weaken the enemy decent enough, it can generally get the kill. The SnapMap version feels more like the Doom 2 version. It’s very versatile and extremely deadly up close. It’s also makes gibbing the demons you face feel more real as this gun is a top tier weapon in SnapMap. It’s the weapon I always feel comfortable having with me.

3. Shotgun – Doom (1993) – The shotgun I believe people think when they are thinking of satisfying shotguns in video games. It’s a personal weapon. The weapon is deadly up close, it has a decent amount of range which can make it useful at mid range against weaker enemies, and I never get tired of seeing the animation it does when you fire it.

2. Super Shotgun – Doom 2 – I thought the original shotgun was my personal weapon in Doom. That was all gone until I played Doom 2 and picked the Super Shotgun in the second level. It’s basically like the regular shotgun except three times as stronger and more rewarding to use. It may not have the same range, but since Doom has always been predominantly a close quarter friendly game, the Super Shotgun is generally the weapon you would want to use when fighting hordes of demons.

It also has such a satisfying sound effect when you fire it and the reloading animation is much more memorable than the regular version.

1. Super Shotgun – Quake 2 – It wasn’t easy to pick this Super Shotgun between the Doom 2 variant, but I just love Quake 2’s Super Shotgun so much. I like how it does shoot faster than Doom 2, but it also just sounds more punchier. It’s just music to my ears. Not only that, when you put on Quad Damage with this thing, the buzz you get is just too much. It’s probably the most satisfaction I can possibly get out of using a shotgun in a video game. It may not be as versatile as Doom 2’s version, but it still far from being a weak weapon and I can definitely say it will be one of the more memorable weapons when you play through the campaign.

It also may not look as appealing as the other shotguns I mentioned, but looks don’t matter to me. It’s all about the feedback you get when you use the weapon.


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