Call of Duty – Will I Ever Return?

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 was the most requested Xbox 360 game for Xbox One’s backwards compatibility support. Now, you can play it. Photo credit by Flickr.

I remember hearing about Call of Duty while playing Warcraft 3 with an online friend of mine. I remember he was just boasting about how great Call of Duty 2 was at that time. I never really got to play that game or the original game, but my first one was Call of Duty 3. I enjoyed Call of Duty 3. I mostly enjoyed for the single player portion, but I did played the multiplayer and I thought it was terrible at first hand.

Eventually, Call of Duty really started to blow up with its popularity ever since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare happened. I actually didn’t really enjoy Call of Duty 4 that much when I beaten the campaign and played a little bit of the multiplayer, but back then, I guess I was just enjoying too much of Halo 3 to enjoy other first-person shooters at that time.

In 2009, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 came out. This was the year where I became a fan of the series. I think a group of friends of mine brought the game to my house and we played four player split screen and eventually I ended up getting the game to play online with them. I absolutely adored the multiplayer of Modern Warfare 2 and even though, I was never too into the Call of Duty campaigns due to the campaigns feeling too simplistic compared to the single player first-person shooters I love with a passion, I thought Modern Warfare 2‘s campaign was pretty fun for what it was.

I started being rather invested into this series. I actually went out and gave Call of Duty 4 another chance and it ended up being my favorite one to play even though I had a bad first impression with it. I eventually tried out Call of Duty: Black Ops which I was pretty mixed with the game. I think the game was a lot of fun to play and it definitely was more balanced than Modern Warfare 2, but I remember hating the netcode where it just made the game unplayable at times and I just felt like it was more connection based than the previous games.

Modern Warfare 3 was where I was starting to get burnt out on the game. I did enjoyed the game and just like Black Ops, the connection was a problem at times, but I feel like it wasn’t as bad Black Ops. However, I was starting to get stagnant with the game. I felt like after playing these games for some years, I might actually take a break from the next Call of Duty since these games are released on a yearly basis.

I skipped out on Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, and I tried to give Call of Duty: Ghost a shot and I just simply realized, my love for the series is just not the same anymore like the moment I played Modern Warfare 2. I have gotten too burnt out on the series to give the later games a shot. I am aware the developers are trying to make the series fresh and interesting again, but every time I watch gameplay videos of the newer Call of Duty games, I just feel like they’re trying, but it just isn’t enough for me to want to come back to it.

I also don’t know if the whole focus on jet packs is really something I want out of Call of Duty too. I haven’t played it, but it just feels ridiculous from what I’ve seen on YouTube videos. I personally feel like maybe Call of Duty will never appeal to me anymore. I think I’ve played enough of this series and I think I enjoyed what it had to offer and I can always go back to the Call of Duty titles I like for sure since I can see myself doing that.

I absolutely loved Call of Duty 4 and I am thinking about getting the remastered version again because I do missing playing that game. I just loved the simplicity of Call of Duty 4 and it was just an aggressive player friendly game. There wasn’t too many killstreaks which can impact the game overall and it’s definitely a game that doesn’t reward defensive playing due to the powerful grenades or just how the map and spawns are made.

Maybe Call of Duty should go back to a simpler time and maybe try to add some stuff that builds upon of the formula of Call of Duty 4, but it doesn’t hurt the simplicity of it. I’m wondering what the next Call of Duty is going to be like even though I’m not much of a fan of the series anymore. It could be the game that’ll get me back into the series again or it’s just another one that I’ll be skipping.

I still remember the many people’s high level of excitement when they first saw this demo.


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