You Should All Play Doom (2016)

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If you’ve been reading my blog posts lately, you’ll notice I mention Doom (2016) a lot of times. I am a die hard Doom fan for sure. The original game was really my first “real” video game I played since I remembered playing a bunch of educational computer games before I discovered Doom. But it’s not just that. It’s just because the game is very very good game and reboot of what used to be the Call of Duty back in the early ’90s.

I don’t know how many people grew up playing the Doom games when they were young, but I’m grateful I got to and it is definitely one of the best series that the genre has to offer. You can get the game fairly cheap nowadays. Right now, it’s around $20 on Amazon, and I personally think that is a steal for this kind of game. Let me tell you why you should play this game if you haven’t gotten your hands on it because I’m sure you’re missing out a lot!


Doom has always been a first-person shooter series known for its quality single player experiences. There’s a lot of quality in the classic games ranging from its satisfying gunplay to an emphasis on exploration to its formula which would standardized first-person shooters back in the early to late ’90s. This new Doom maintains a lot of what made the classics so great, but also expands upon it and throws in some new modern twist to make the game feel familiar and refreshing. There’s a lot more emphasis on upgrading your protagonist and your weapons which does make the combat more interesting as you progress deeper in the campaign.

The combat is much more advanced than ever since the AI no longer just simply charge at you like they did in the first two games. You’ll never know when a Hell Knight can simply charge at you or do a surprise leap attack on you to catch you off guard which means the combat is always exciting and there’s always a chance you can experience different things the next time you play the same encounter. For those who aren’t familiar with Doom’s combat, it is fast and a game that encourage you to play aggressively, but on higher difficulty settings, you must learn when to be aggressive and when to be passive as enemies become very deadly with their damage output.

The game is also long too if you take your time and actually explore the levels. Just like the classic games, there’s still a heavy emphasis on exploration where if you do explore, you get rewarded for more resources for your upgrading needs or finding items to make later fights more easier and reasonable. I think I completed the game around 13-15 hours on Ultra Violence difficulty on my first playthrough and I was shocked to see this game lasting that long because I thought it be no more than 11 hours long when I just predicted how long it could be before the game came out.


Doom’s multiplayer was mostly criticized when id Software released a public beta. I still remember when a lot of Steam users were very upset with the game’s multiplayer that the reviews were very negative which shocked me and perhaps the developers too. When the full game was released, it was still criticized for being underwhelming and it wasn’t as praised as well as the campaign component among many reviewers and gamers alike.

With that mentioned, I still believe players should give the multiplayer a shot. I am not the biggest fan of the game’s multiplayer, but I wouldn’t say it’s bad and I would say it’s still a fairly admirable mode. Doom has never been strong in the multiplayer department and I personally think the multiplayer is actually really good for Doom’s level of standards.

It is simply a more accessible version of arena shooters which is a sub genre of the first-person shooter genres. These games are generally known for being very fast and over the top from the violence, the weapons, the movement, and they’re also known for being eSport friendly or built for competitive play. Doom makes it more accessible by not being too fast paced and just more easier to pick up and play compared to games Quake 3 Arena or Unreal Tournament. There’s not much emphasis on map knowledge since players can choose to pick a certain amount of weapons they want to spawn with, the weapons are fairly simple to use, and there’s not much of a high skill ceiling too.

It is also pretty cool how the developers manage to implement the demons within the game’s multiplayer component and it’s very fun to play as them and they are all different from one another as far as play styles go.

Despite of the criticism the multiplayer gets, it still is fun and since it is more easier to pick up and play, there’s a chance you can find people to play with since most “pure arena shooters” have severely low population and it can definitely affect the playing experience due to problems of finding the right players to play with to match similar skill level or connection goes.


If you always enjoyed making levels within your favorite video game, Doom has SnapMap for you. It’s basically a level editor, but it is also built within a hub where you can actually play levels from other players and including the developers themselves.

SnapMap started off fairly underwhelming at first, but with many free updates happening, it is definitely better and more enjoyable to play as there’s more content within the editor which means level designer can get more creative with their levels.

There are many kinds of levels you can play in SnapMap. There are campaign-based levels, survival levels, tower defense levels, and so many more. I’ve definitely invested a lot of time into SnapMap since I always enjoyed making maps of my own and I do enjoy playing other people’s maps too since there are a lot of level designers who do know how to make entertaining levels to play. Also the amount of the maps that the community has made is countless, so you’re getting a lot of content when you buy Doom just because of SnapMap!

SnapMap might be the thing you want to play if you’re looking for replay value and more content from Doom.

I hope you all enjoyed what you just read from this blog post. I’m still playing Doom fairly heavily ever since I bought on launch day back in May 13th, 2016 and as an id Software fan, I’m very grateful to see them succeeded so well with this game. Now, go out and buy Doom. Rip and tear! Order it here:


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