Doom II: Hell on Earth = The Best FPS Sequel?

Video game trailers have come a long way!

There are many sequels to first-person shooters I’ve played where I’ve always enjoyed them. I don’t know if I ever played a bad sequel. I’ve played average sequels like Duke Nukem Forever which I mentioned my thoughts of the game and I personally thought it was a decent sequel to the masterpiece that is Duke Nukem 3D. However, there are some games I personally believe are so well done and much better than the original. I always think of Doom II: Hell on Earth, Marathon 2: Durandal, and Quake 2 when I think of those kinds of games. Yeah, it’s funny how these games the first sequel to the original game, but I absolutely adore all of them in their own ways.

These three games are similar to a point where they took what made the originals so great and just simply amplified them. But if I can only pick one sequel which I believe does the best it’s probably Doom 2. This game did so many amazing things compared to the original Doom. I thought the whole idea the sequel is a lot more action-packed was a brilliant way to differentiate from the original game. Doom to me has always been strong in the action department and there were just so many more monsters you would fight on the maps which just makes the sequel too much fun to play versus the original. It also featured more expansive and explorative levels which did make the game feel more richer in terms of experiencing it. One of the things that I always found to be memorable about Doom 2 level design was it had city-themed levels while the original didn’t.

I also loved the new enemies too. The Archvile remains to be one of my favorite Doom enemies as a whole. I always liked his design and his role where he’s like a medic where he could revive his fallen demons, but also be an absolute threat to you if you don’t take any cover. I always appreciated how the new enemies really different from the enemies in the original Doom where most of them kind of felt like upgraded versions of each other. In Doom 2, most of the new enemies just didn’t feel like that.

I will never forget the moment where I used the Super Shotgun for the first time. This was the only new weapon that the game included, but it was a very powerful weapon indeed and it just had that charm where you can fire it and kill an opponent and it never gets old. I also loved how a lot of the enemies that the sequel included were actually fairly vulnerable to the Super Shotgun which only enhanced the playing experience when you use that weapon. If you read my blogpost about my favorite shotguns from first-person shooters, I think you already got an idea of why I love using that weapon so much.

Doom 2 did get some criticism for being too similar to the original game where it felt more like an expansion pack. That is good criticism I will admit, but I feel like the game does have a fairly different overall vibe to the original game where it doesn’t make me feel that way completely. The original game to me always had that fast and smooth flow to the pacing while Doom 2 isn’t like that since there are much more enemies you would fight throughout the entire game. However, despite of the sequel did get more criticism than the original game, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s my favorite sequel to one of my favorite games I’ve played and it doesn’t change my opinion that I prefer the sequel over the first game.


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