Quake Champions – I’m Pretty Interested

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Photo credit by Flickr.

Ever since I’ve been busy with Doom (2016) and mapping for the game,  I  haven’t had the chance to check out much of Quake Champions and there’s been quite a bit of trailers going out. There’s also been closed betas happening and unfortunately, I can’t tell how people feel since the players are not allowed to talk about the beta outside in the public. Id software actually did do something similar with Doom‘s beta last year, and I’m really not too shocked to see them repeat this same method.

When Quake Champions came out,  I was kind of mixed with it. As a long time Quake fan, I wasn’t sure how I felt about the Overwatch influence to the game since I’m not a fan of that particular series. I just didn’t know how it would work with Quake, but after watching the gameplay videos I manage to find, it looks pretty fun! I believe this can be a lot better than I thought it would be since I like how the movement seems very fast. It seems similar to Quake 3‘s movement speed and I do like how every character or class can pick up all the weapons on the map which is one of the signature attributes of Quake in my eyes. It just wouldn’t feel right if Quake Champions only allowed exclusive weapons for specific classes and no weapon pick ups on the map. The abilities do seem interesting from what I’ve seen in trailers, but I’d rather play the game to see if it feels right in a Quake game. This four minute video is definitely making me want to play the game very badly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nn2iwtmR_tY

There’s not too much information about the game so far since the developers are still taking it slow with the information. They’ve been releasing trailers of the different characters you can play and some information of some of the game modes too. However, I’m mostly interested in the full package of the game, the release date, and the system requirements. I plan on upgrading my computer for this game for sure. I definitely want that high frame rate when playing these kinds of games. I also wonder if this game will be as popular as the games that have an Overwatch style like Paladins or Lawbreakers since I’ve been noticing the views haven’t been as high I feel like it should be. I really do hope Quake makes a good comeback because Wolfenstein and Doom are also IPs that id Software owns and they’ve all been successful so far. It’s time for Quake to jump in the bandwagon as those games.

I guess I’ll be counting the days until I can have my hands on the game whenever the release date will be announced. I do feel like there will be a public beta happening eventually. I probably should immediately upgrade my GPU just to get prepared for it in advance.



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