Halo: Combat Evolved Pride

I haven’t really talked much about Halo in my blog posts. So, I decided why not make a topic mainly about that because I really do have an interesting history with Halo. First of all, I was always a PC gamer at heart and I just felt like first-person shooters were best on the PC platform before I played Halo. I remember checking out the Xbox demo at my local PC shop and I remember just checking various trailers of different games and then there was Halo: Combat Evolved. Halo: Combat Evolved interested me because it reminded me of Doom and the trailer just looked cool too. Eventually, I wanted to get an Xbox and buy Halo: Combat Evolved as my first game.

I absolutely adored the game when I first played through the campaign and it was so much fun and just one of those campaigns that grabs your attention and makes you want to replay it over and over again. I remember I didn’t buy any games for months and I would just play through the campaign many times of varied difficulty settings. I eventually had a friend who was a neighbor of mine and I remember trying out the cooperative mode to see how it would play and I remember both of us were having so much fun. My friend would eventually want get himself an Xbox and Halo: Combat Evolved. There were many days we would just play the cooperative mode for hours on end.

It took me a while to get into the multiplayer because I never had much friends that were into Halo as much as I was and I also got Halo when I moved away, so I pretty much lost a lot of my friends during that time. I eventually learned the PC version did include multiplayer support. I hated the multiplayer for the PC version because there were so many problems with networking issues and the connection was just so awful on my end in most of the games I’ve played. I did enjoy playing the multiplayer for what it was, but I didn’t enjoy the online experience.  I always loved the multiplayer of Halo for just being this interesting twist on the arena shooter format, but it really does have its own style that just makes it so fun to play.

Eventually Halo: The Master Chief Collection would come out and the fact it was going to support online multiplayer for the original Halo was huge news for me. Halo: The Master Chief Collection had a wide array of technical issues on launch, but I still had a lot of fun playing the online portion of the original Halo and it was also cool that the developers actually did patch the online experience to make it better and smoother than what it was on day 1.

Halo: Combat Evolved to this day is still my favorite Halo game whether it’s the campaign  or the multiplayer experience. I did enjoy the other titles too like Halo 2 had a wonderful multiplayer component and it arguably does do some things better than Halo: Combat Evolved did. I still believe Halo 2‘s campaign was one of the worst in the series, but multiplayer is definitely awesome and it was my first console online game I’ve played. Halo 3 was very fun too even though I feel like its positive attributes just could’t come close to what the original or the second game did very well. I thought Halo 3: ODST was a surprisingly great expansion pack to Halo 3 which the campaign is actually better than the main game. Halo: Reach was also another game I really enjoy because at that time it had a lot of content and it felt like the definitive Halo game where it combined the signatures of certain games like Firefight from ODST or how the campaign was inspired by the original game and tried to recreate some of those experiences.

Eventually, Bungie decided to move on from Halo and 343 Industries would take over. Their first game they made was Halo 4. I actually thought this game was pretty similar to what I felt in Halo 3. Then there’s the latest Halo game called Halo 5: Guardians. I personally think it’s a good game, but it’s mostly because of the multiplayer component. I really enjoy playing the standard 4v4 modes while Warzone can be a hit or miss experience for me because it’s heavily dependent on the accessories you need to unlock and you have to unlock them by playing a lot or you can pay real money for them. I don’t play Warzone too much or pay actual money to get an advantage in a video because I think that’s silly, so I hope you can understand why it can be a hit or miss experience for me since playing against players that have very good items and you and your team don’t, can make it a one sided experience.

I actually thought the campaign was mediocre to mixed from its core design standpoint and just how the story is written. Legendary difficulty was so artificially difficult by how stupid your AI teammates are and just how the campaign is a more team-based experience.  I just didn’t like how this game had an identity crisis or trying to be a team-based tactical shooter versus a run and gun based shooter. It’s easily one of the worst campaign experiences I’ve played from Halo and probably from a beloved first-person shooter series in general.

As you can see, I’m a fan of the series because I loved the original game so much and you can also tell the later Halo games just hasn’t come close to my love of the original although some of them do kind of do things better than what the original game did. I’m looking forward to seeing what the next Halo will be like although I’m very well aware it won’t come close to the original game. I also want to say that Halo got me into console gaming excessively and I don’t think I would’ve gotten into console gaming as much if Halo wasn’t around.

Here was a montage I really enjoyed watching when I was obsessed with this game:



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