Want More Doom (2016) Single Player Content?

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Photo credit by Flickr.

Just like many people who finished the campaign, I wanted more of it. Even though the campaign was great and I felt like it wasn’t too short or anything. It actually took me around 13 to 16 hours to beat it  and I was exploring fairly heavily throughout the entire game, so I got a lot of out the campaign. However, it kind of still left me wanting to more and I think it’s because the game just didn’t feel action packed enough for me when I look back. It’s always an awkward feeling when you’re  playing a lengthy first-person shooter campaign and it leaves you wanting more. It also lead to people complaining about the developers not wanting to make anymore campaign content for their game. However, I always feel like the game itself already has an option for players to play more campaign content and it’s called SnapMap.

I always believed that’s why id Software and Escalation Studios included SnapMap, the game’s in game map editor. It was for people to create more content with the game’s sandbox if they’re scratching for more Doom content. Ever since the updates been happening, id Software actually managed to create some of their own campaign like missions for people to play if they’re hungering for more campaign content. Not only the developers been doing this, but also the fans too including myself.

I personally think SnapMap campaigns are nowhere near similar in terms of the experience of what you can get out of the main campaign, but with the tools that the developers provided, it can definitely still be entertaining despite not being exactly like the main game’s campaign. SnapMap campaigns are definitely no easy task to make too. I’ve invested so much time into Decipher and I can’t believe it took me around 3 months to finish nine maps in total. But I’m extremely proud of it and I definitely feel like it’s going to be my biggest accomplishment that I’ve done with SnapMap or probably doing something Doom related really. Here’s a trailer I made: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWiT5U48jGs

I do wish to have more official campaign content from id Software, but I guess they just don’t have any desire for it and I always believe you have to respect your favorite developer’s decision even if you might not like the actions they’re making. If you want more campaign content, then SnapMap is your only choice. I also feel like players should give the SnapMap content that the developers have made. They’re definitely worth playing and I feel like people shouldn’t put down for what SnapMap was on launch day because it’s gotten much better with the new updates and content for players to create their own experiences.

Not only that, check out my Decipher campaign too. I’m also working on another campaign called Redemptor and another one I will eventually mention in this blog. I also got some more campaigns you can check out: Cyberhell, Reality Bending, Return of the Doomguy, Tech Base, and Biowar.  Don’t sleep on the campaigns that SnapMap allowed players to make. You’ll probably find them more enjoyable than the main game’s campaign itself if you try them.


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