My name is Paul Hang. I’m a journalism major and I hope I can be a video game journalist once I graduate from San Jose State University. I’ve been passionate for video games ever since I was around five or six years old. The game that really made me discover my love for video games and first-person shooters was Doom for the DOS PC. I was really into the violent content, and I loved the whole power fantasy of being a one man army slaughtering demons without any remorse.

I eventually discovered other first-person shooters like Duke Nukem 3D or Quake as I gotten older and my interest in the style of Doom only grew stronger.  I was predominantly a PC gamer and grew up on first-person shooters that defined PC gaming, but I eventually grew more interest in console gaming when I first played the original Halo for the Xbox.

As years passes by, my love for first-person shooters grow stronger. I’ve realized the many different styles or experiences that the genre has to offer, but not only that, I’ve invested much of my free time in the genre whether it’s playing the game and improving myself as a player, or building levels for my favorite games.