My SnapMap Campaigns

Ever since I played a couple of campaigns made by some of the amazing mappers from SnapMap, I’ve been inspired to make my own campaigns. I try to make these campaigns as fun as the main game’s campaign, but I also try to take what I like about the campaigns I play from other people and basically throw in my own twists to them.

I really enjoy making campaign based maps in SnapMap. It’s very fun and I like how these maps are connected to one another because part of making a campaign is to make these maps connect with each other from a design or story standpoint rather than making a stand alone map in SnapMap. I have made only two campaigns. One of them is called Decimators, but it was very amateurish and I feel like it doesn’t deserved to be played because I was still figuring the ways to use SnapMap properly at that time. I eventually created Decipher which would be my “real” first campaign that I’m very proud of doing and I worked extremely hard on it compared to Decimators.

You can give these campaigns a shot if you own Doom 2016 and you’re looking for a new journey to experience and at the same time, experience some really intense and challenging fights!