Ever since I bought DOOM (2016), I’ve been heavily invested in the game’s in game map editor, SnapMap. I’ve been using SnapMap more heavily than ever since it’s been getting updated and improving its experience since launch day. I’ve been making many maps for the sake of my pleasure, but also to create content for Doom fans and myself to enjoy.

Around September to November 2016, I decided to make my very first high quality campaign called Decipher. Decipher is a very ambitious campaign. There were many goals I wanted to accomplish with this project. I wanted to make a campaign that’ll push SnapMap campaigns to its limits and also show off my ability as a mapper throughout the many months I’ve been using SnapMap. Not only that, I wanted it to be a very challenging and difficult campaign for solo and cooperative experiences.

Decipher was inspired by my love of first-person shooters; mostly ranging from the original Doom and Doom II: Hell on Earth. It is by far the most accomplishing thing I’ve done in SnapMap, and I’m extremely proud of the hard work I’ve done. If you want to give it a shot and play it, here’s the first map id: A8UBCMJX. There are nine maps (including one secret level), and it was all designed with an excessive amount of patience and love.