The new campaign I’m currently working on. It’s a complete throwback to the classic Doom games and it’s megawads. Just like Decipher, I’m making these maps with very high standards as I possibly can and it’s a heavily custom geo oriented campaign that use nothing but classic textures and props. I still have three more maps to work on, but I’m currently taking a break from mapping and also waiting for an update for more content from the developers because I need more of it to keep these maps from being too stagnant or too similar from each other since SnapMap does got a fairly limiting amount of classic Doom textures you can use with Free Update 5 content.

Redemptor is supposed to be much harder and more challenging than what I did with Decipher. I also want these maps to have a hellish theme because most maps I play on SnapMap generally don’t have much of that which saddens me because I always loved hell themed classic Doom maps. The campaign only features five maps including one secret level that will be accessible on the third level of the campaign.

If there won’t be any update for SnapMap, I might make the future maps just smaller than what they need to be or I can possibly change a lot of the ideas into a more basic format. I can possibly change some of the main goals I want to primarily accomplish. I’ll probably throw in more of a tech base-themed element within the hellish theme that Redemptor is supposed to be predominately centered around. However, I am very hopeful there will be another update and I do want Redemptor to reach it’s intended goal of its design.

Here’s the MAP01 ID if you want to play it: CPJ6LAXK.