Example of a First-Person Shooter

First-person shooters are one of the many video game genres. Ever since Wolfenstein 3D was created back in 1992, the genre has been increasing its popularity over the years. What separates First-person shooters from other video game genres is it does have a heavy emphasis on immersion. It’s taken place in first-person shooter to make players feel like they are that particular person when they interact within the game.

Since the word “shooter” is in the genre, it is very action-oriented. Players tend to shoot many different kinds of targets ranging from military soldiers to aliens to robots and many more species. However, there is also more to it. Sometimes, players will have to solve a puzzle to bypass an obstacle or explore for valuable resources to make sure they are prepared for combat. These features are included to keep the experience from being too stagnant as first-person shooters are very combat centric.

Due to the increasing popularity of first-person shooters, some games tend to put the gamer’s perspective in first person and sometimes include shooting elements involved to appeal to the first-person shooter crowd. These game include Fallout 3 and Mirror’s Edge.

The genre itself is popular amongst single player experiences where there is only one player fighting against AI, multiplayer experiences where players fight each other, and cooperative experiences where players team up together and fight against AI.