First-Person Shooters I Recommend

For those who aren’t too familiar with first-person shooters, here are some I can recommend! Both old and new.

Doom (1993) – The big daddy of first-person shooters they say. It is easily one of the most iconic games from the genre and the fact it is nearly 25 years old and still plays extremely well to this day is enough of a testament of why you should play this game. It may be shorter than some of the other first-person shooters I will put on this list, but it is a game with high quality. It’s one of those games you beat once and you just have to play it again. Doom is also famous for having MANY user-generated levels, so if you really want more maps than what the developers have made, you will always have that option.

Halo: Combat Evolved (2001) – The game that got me into console first-person shooters. I absolutely loved how this game went all out on everything. The campaign was just full of excitement and thrills. The multiplayer was surprisingly fun with very cool mechanics like weapon launching that simply enhanced the depth and complexity of what seemed like a simple shooter. Halo: Combat Evolved simply does it all. It’s got a fantastic campaign and multiplayer. You can actually play the multiplayer over Xbox Live on Halo: The Master Chief Collection, but it is a struggle to find games if you aren’t partied up with friends to vote for a Halo: Combat Evolved match in the Team Slayer playlist.  Don’t even bother with the PC version due to its horrible netcode.

Wolfenstein: The New Order (2014) – I personally think this game isn’t one of the best first-person shooter I’ve played out of all these games I mention, but I think its a great game for people to play if they’re trying to get into single player driven first-person shooters. Lots of different locations you’ll be going, the story was surprisingly good and it also has a good twist on the World War II history. It’s a game that has a lot of variety too and always seem to keep you interested as you play one level after the next. You can get this game very cheap too.

Doom (2016) – Back at Doom again. This reboot was VERY good that I have to recommend it. It’s definitely one of these games you can get for a good price. It does a really good job at paying homage to the original + Doom II, but also has a good modern twist to make the game feel refreshing and not too similar to the classics where people might feel its the same game with prettier graphics. The campaign is by far the thing you should be focusing on this game as its widely considered to be the best part of the game, but don’t sleep on the multiplayer and SnapMap since they may appeal to you and you might find it more entertaining than the campaign.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare/ Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered (2007/2016) – Multiplayer is a tricky thing for me. I generally want to recommend a game with a decent amount of people playing because online multiplayer games are dependent on that. I also want a game that’s accessible enough too because there are games that aren’t so easy to pick up and play. I decided to recommend Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and its recently remastered version. Call of Duty has always been good at appeasing new players to enjoy the game without really pushing the player to get good at to enjoy it. However, Call of Duty 4 still has that sense of design to it too, so its really a win/win situation. You need to know the right class set up with the knowledge of the weapons and perks and it’s a game that really rewards you for learning the spawn system. There’s also more you can improve upon to alienate yourself from the inexperienced players or average skilled players.

There are many Call of Duty games since they are released on a yearly basis, but I pick this one since it simply has the best design by being simple. There’s not too many killstreaks that really affect the gameplay where it might feel too chaotic and this can slow down the game. Killstreaks are basically rewards for players for getting kills on a streak without dying. Basically, players can call in a helicopter to aid them in the battlefield which does affect the game drastically. It’s just a simple military shooter that I happen to believe what makes Call of Duty plays well and I feel like its long gone with the later titles or the series has just gotten stagnant.