Duke Nukem Still Has a Chance

Duke Nukem went from being one of the most loved first-person shooter protagonist to being an outcast and a symbol of shame ever since Duke Nukem Forever was released. It may seem hopeless for this grizzled ’90s protagonist and video game series, but I think there is still a chance for him to be respected among gamers from the past or in today’s generation. Duke Nukem 3D was a childhood favorite of mine with Doom, and I feel like it’s right for me to make this blog post. After all these years, I still love these games and still think their some of the best that the genre has to offer. Still down with the king after all these years.

There’s been success with both Wolfenstein and Doom which are both first-person shooter series that were prominent during the early ’90s. They both were kind of in the “downfall” stage with their games before their rebooted versions came out, and the rebooted games ended up being a success commercially and critically. Duke Nukem can fall into the same category since they both combined elements from the older games and modern elements that would be more commonly featured on today’s video games like having a storyline or some sort of character progression or upgrade system.

The campaign shouldn’t be the only thing that matters. Multiplayer and maybe a survival mode or perhaps a SnapMap-like mode could be a suggestion should all deliver with quality too. It’s always nice to have a game that gives you lots of content, but still make them admirable at the same time too. I always thought Duke Nukem 3D was strictly a single player experience for me, but the co-op is rather fun at times and the multiplayer was not for me. If the reboot can rectify this situation, that would definitely make the game more interesting for me to play since I will have more options to have fun with the game.

I also feel like Duke Nukem is just more interesting as a protagonist compared to the protagonist in Wolfenstein and Doom. Both of the protagonists, they’re both your typical “bad ass first-person shooter protagonist” although I did like how MachineGames made the Wolfenstein protagonist more human at times. Duke Nukem is like that too, but he’s also heavily inspired by the ’80s action hero movies with the one liners and stereotypes. I feel like players are going to find Duke Nukem as a character a lot more fun and enjoyable to play as him as long they can find the right writers who can write well with the dialogues and scripts.

Duke Nukem 3D should be the main influence of this reboot. It’s widely regarded to be one of the best first-person shooters among critics and gamers alike. It should take notes of the positive aspects like the city based levels or the unique weapons. I’ve always thought the city maps were the best things about Duke Nukem 3D because they were just well designed in terms of layout, exploration, gameplay, and they also looked good too. If the reboot manage to nail down these things, this will please me greatly and also show the strength of Duke Nukem as a video game series.

And of course, you got the unique weapons. Duke Nukem 3D had some really interesting arsenal like the Shrinker or the Devastator. I obviously would want them back, but it would be nice to expand upon the arsenal and see what kind of new guns that players can use and realize another strength of the Duke Nukem games. I think my dream of a Duke Nukem reboot would be what if Duke Nukem 3D was done today with the stuff that makes the game not feel too old where it feels like it’s stuck in the past, but at the same time, pays strong homage to a game that was released back in 1996.

I don’t know what’s going to happen with the Duke Nukem IP. I really hope it doesn’t go MIA or KIA because there is such potential for it to be properly revived. I don’t know if Gearbox really have an idea of how to market the IP properly, but I really hope maybe in a year or two, there will be a teaser trailer of an upcoming Duke Nukem game that will end all this shame and hate from gamers. It sickens me to see the series is in this situation and it should be respected again like it once was back in the ’90s.


Bungie’s Marathon – Never Pfhorget

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I always thought the Marathon logo looked cool and appealing in a sci-fi way. Photo credit by Wikimedia Commons.

I guess it’s time to show my love for one of the more cult oriented first-person shooters, Marathon. I will admit, I never heard of this game when I was younger and I like to say that I was fairly well known when it comes to naming ’90s first person shooters whether they’re a popular one or they were more cult like. I literally discovered Marathon because of Halo since it is made by Bungie. I played the second game because I remembered I wanted to play a single player driven first-person shooter before Halo: Reach came out. I thought about trying out Marathon because I didn’t know Bungie made a Doom-like first-person shooter. I’m a fan of Doom and Bungie, so why not try it?

I could’ve gotten the trilogy for free because you can actually download it on your PC since Bungie decided to let people download them for free instead of finding physical copies. I guess it’s because these games are very old, not really well known, and they can end up being very pricey if one wants to play and experience it for the first time. However, I decided to buy the only Xbox 360 port of Marathon 2: Durandal called Marathon: Durandal. You may thinking to yourself, why didn’t they port the first game instead of the sequel? According to, Freeverse, the developers who ported the game to the Xbox 360 version, they thought it was the best one out of the trilogy and they could only ported one game out of the three.

I thought about getting it on my Xbox 360 because I wanted a new Xbox 360 game to play and yup, decided to spent $10 on a port of Marathon 2 from the Xbox Live Arcade. I do remember there were some controversy with the whole idea you can get the entire trilogy versus getting one Marathon 2 port with the cost of $10 on Xbox Live Arcade, I don’t regret it at all. The port that Freeverse done was amazing and it’s possibly one of the best PC to Xbox 360 ports I’ve played and I feel like it’s a must buy if you’re a huge Marathon fan and you also play on your Xbox 360 a lot.

Looks can be deceiving. I was hoping this game would play like Doom after playing the demo and just looking at its screenshot, but it’s actually a lot more sophisticated and advanced than Doom since there’s emphasis on story and objectives. Not only that, the level design is much more maze like where the player will have to rely on their map significantly more than what Doom did.  The gunplay is similar to Doom where it’s action packed, but I wouldn’t say it’s the similar since the enemies on higher difficulty are designed differently than what Doom does.

I won’t lie. When I first played Marathon: Durandal, it was both fun and a frustrating experience. I was having fun with the style of this game and it just felt so different and unique compared to the shooters at that time, but it was also a game I was getting lost a lot and it’s a fairly trial and error friendly game too which can definitely be annoying for a first comer who’s trying to enjoy the game with not a lot of context of its background.

However, the more I played this game, the more I learned to like its design. I like how it’s not a game you can enjoy it right off the bat. You need to spend time with it and then you’ll see its true colors. I just simply loved the game even more the more I played it, and eventually I wanted to play the entire trilogy. It’s really one of those things that’s hard to explain, but if you play it, you’ll get it.

I absolutely think the Marathon trilogy was ahead of its time for doing so many things that a lot of early first-person shooters didn’t do. The emphasis on story, the secondary function of weapons, the interesting tricks like grenade climbing or rocket jumping. The game just also played differently than what other games was like. Just like many great first-person shooters, it was also fun to play and the level design was solid overall.

I won’t lie. I personally think the game hasn’t aged as well compared to Doom or Quake, but I still have a soft spot for this series for just being so different and unique and I personally believe we need more games like this in today’s first-person shooters. It was definitely awesome to play another series that isn’t Halo where Bungie managed to create a series that is just as good as Halo.

There has been rumors that a reboot could happen, and I don’t know how I feel since Marathon has such a cult following and it just doesn’t seem to be a game that people will remember as much from the ’90s compared to other games. However, I do want to play a new Bungie game I can actually enjoy because I didn’t find Destiny too appealing. I personally think it would be better to just release a remastered version with reasonable pricing and some new content if they want to expand its fan base. I would love to have the entire trilogy on my Xbox One. Realistically, I think the Marathon saga is over, but it shouldn’t be forgotten.

If you want to play the entire trilogy, here you go: https://alephone.lhowon.org/




You Should All Play Doom (2016)

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Photo credit by Flickr.

If you’ve been reading my blog posts lately, you’ll notice I mention Doom (2016) a lot of times. I am a die hard Doom fan for sure. The original game was really my first “real” video game I played since I remembered playing a bunch of educational computer games before I discovered Doom. But it’s not just that. It’s just because the game is very very good game and reboot of what used to be the Call of Duty back in the early ’90s.

I don’t know how many people grew up playing the Doom games when they were young, but I’m grateful I got to and it is definitely one of the best series that the genre has to offer. You can get the game fairly cheap nowadays. Right now, it’s around $20 on Amazon, and I personally think that is a steal for this kind of game. Let me tell you why you should play this game if you haven’t gotten your hands on it because I’m sure you’re missing out a lot!


Doom has always been a first-person shooter series known for its quality single player experiences. There’s a lot of quality in the classic games ranging from its satisfying gunplay to an emphasis on exploration to its formula which would standardized first-person shooters back in the early to late ’90s. This new Doom maintains a lot of what made the classics so great, but also expands upon it and throws in some new modern twist to make the game feel familiar and refreshing. There’s a lot more emphasis on upgrading your protagonist and your weapons which does make the combat more interesting as you progress deeper in the campaign.

The combat is much more advanced than ever since the AI no longer just simply charge at you like they did in the first two games. You’ll never know when a Hell Knight can simply charge at you or do a surprise leap attack on you to catch you off guard which means the combat is always exciting and there’s always a chance you can experience different things the next time you play the same encounter. For those who aren’t familiar with Doom’s combat, it is fast and a game that encourage you to play aggressively, but on higher difficulty settings, you must learn when to be aggressive and when to be passive as enemies become very deadly with their damage output.

The game is also long too if you take your time and actually explore the levels. Just like the classic games, there’s still a heavy emphasis on exploration where if you do explore, you get rewarded for more resources for your upgrading needs or finding items to make later fights more easier and reasonable. I think I completed the game around 13-15 hours on Ultra Violence difficulty on my first playthrough and I was shocked to see this game lasting that long because I thought it be no more than 11 hours long when I just predicted how long it could be before the game came out.


Doom’s multiplayer was mostly criticized when id Software released a public beta. I still remember when a lot of Steam users were very upset with the game’s multiplayer that the reviews were very negative which shocked me and perhaps the developers too. When the full game was released, it was still criticized for being underwhelming and it wasn’t as praised as well as the campaign component among many reviewers and gamers alike.

With that mentioned, I still believe players should give the multiplayer a shot. I am not the biggest fan of the game’s multiplayer, but I wouldn’t say it’s bad and I would say it’s still a fairly admirable mode. Doom has never been strong in the multiplayer department and I personally think the multiplayer is actually really good for Doom’s level of standards.

It is simply a more accessible version of arena shooters which is a sub genre of the first-person shooter genres. These games are generally known for being very fast and over the top from the violence, the weapons, the movement, and they’re also known for being eSport friendly or built for competitive play. Doom makes it more accessible by not being too fast paced and just more easier to pick up and play compared to games Quake 3 Arena or Unreal Tournament. There’s not much emphasis on map knowledge since players can choose to pick a certain amount of weapons they want to spawn with, the weapons are fairly simple to use, and there’s not much of a high skill ceiling too.

It is also pretty cool how the developers manage to implement the demons within the game’s multiplayer component and it’s very fun to play as them and they are all different from one another as far as play styles go.

Despite of the criticism the multiplayer gets, it still is fun and since it is more easier to pick up and play, there’s a chance you can find people to play with since most “pure arena shooters” have severely low population and it can definitely affect the playing experience due to problems of finding the right players to play with to match similar skill level or connection goes.


If you always enjoyed making levels within your favorite video game, Doom has SnapMap for you. It’s basically a level editor, but it is also built within a hub where you can actually play levels from other players and including the developers themselves.

SnapMap started off fairly underwhelming at first, but with many free updates happening, it is definitely better and more enjoyable to play as there’s more content within the editor which means level designer can get more creative with their levels.

There are many kinds of levels you can play in SnapMap. There are campaign-based levels, survival levels, tower defense levels, and so many more. I’ve definitely invested a lot of time into SnapMap since I always enjoyed making maps of my own and I do enjoy playing other people’s maps too since there are a lot of level designers who do know how to make entertaining levels to play. Also the amount of the maps that the community has made is countless, so you’re getting a lot of content when you buy Doom just because of SnapMap!

SnapMap might be the thing you want to play if you’re looking for replay value and more content from Doom.

I hope you all enjoyed what you just read from this blog post. I’m still playing Doom fairly heavily ever since I bought on launch day back in May 13th, 2016 and as an id Software fan, I’m very grateful to see them succeeded so well with this game. Now, go out and buy Doom. Rip and tear! Order it here:


Call of Duty – Will I Ever Return?

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 was the most requested Xbox 360 game for Xbox One’s backwards compatibility support. Now, you can play it. Photo credit by Flickr.

I remember hearing about Call of Duty while playing Warcraft 3 with an online friend of mine. I remember he was just boasting about how great Call of Duty 2 was at that time. I never really got to play that game or the original game, but my first one was Call of Duty 3. I enjoyed Call of Duty 3. I mostly enjoyed for the single player portion, but I did played the multiplayer and I thought it was terrible at first hand.

Eventually, Call of Duty really started to blow up with its popularity ever since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare happened. I actually didn’t really enjoy Call of Duty 4 that much when I beaten the campaign and played a little bit of the multiplayer, but back then, I guess I was just enjoying too much of Halo 3 to enjoy other first-person shooters at that time.

In 2009, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 came out. This was the year where I became a fan of the series. I think a group of friends of mine brought the game to my house and we played four player split screen and eventually I ended up getting the game to play online with them. I absolutely adored the multiplayer of Modern Warfare 2 and even though, I was never too into the Call of Duty campaigns due to the campaigns feeling too simplistic compared to the single player first-person shooters I love with a passion, I thought Modern Warfare 2‘s campaign was pretty fun for what it was.

I started being rather invested into this series. I actually went out and gave Call of Duty 4 another chance and it ended up being my favorite one to play even though I had a bad first impression with it. I eventually tried out Call of Duty: Black Ops which I was pretty mixed with the game. I think the game was a lot of fun to play and it definitely was more balanced than Modern Warfare 2, but I remember hating the netcode where it just made the game unplayable at times and I just felt like it was more connection based than the previous games.

Modern Warfare 3 was where I was starting to get burnt out on the game. I did enjoyed the game and just like Black Ops, the connection was a problem at times, but I feel like it wasn’t as bad Black Ops. However, I was starting to get stagnant with the game. I felt like after playing these games for some years, I might actually take a break from the next Call of Duty since these games are released on a yearly basis.

I skipped out on Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, and I tried to give Call of Duty: Ghost a shot and I just simply realized, my love for the series is just not the same anymore like the moment I played Modern Warfare 2. I have gotten too burnt out on the series to give the later games a shot. I am aware the developers are trying to make the series fresh and interesting again, but every time I watch gameplay videos of the newer Call of Duty games, I just feel like they’re trying, but it just isn’t enough for me to want to come back to it.

I also don’t know if the whole focus on jet packs is really something I want out of Call of Duty too. I haven’t played it, but it just feels ridiculous from what I’ve seen on YouTube videos. I personally feel like maybe Call of Duty will never appeal to me anymore. I think I’ve played enough of this series and I think I enjoyed what it had to offer and I can always go back to the Call of Duty titles I like for sure since I can see myself doing that.

I absolutely loved Call of Duty 4 and I am thinking about getting the remastered version again because I do missing playing that game. I just loved the simplicity of Call of Duty 4 and it was just an aggressive player friendly game. There wasn’t too many killstreaks which can impact the game overall and it’s definitely a game that doesn’t reward defensive playing due to the powerful grenades or just how the map and spawns are made.

Maybe Call of Duty should go back to a simpler time and maybe try to add some stuff that builds upon of the formula of Call of Duty 4, but it doesn’t hurt the simplicity of it. I’m wondering what the next Call of Duty is going to be like even though I’m not much of a fan of the series anymore. It could be the game that’ll get me back into the series again or it’s just another one that I’ll be skipping.

I still remember the many people’s high level of excitement when they first saw this demo.

My Top 10 Shotguns in First-Person Shooters

Someone managed to make a video with a similar idea I had when I was typing this blogpost.

Shotguns are always fun to use in first-person shooters. I learned that when playing Doom and Duke Nukem 3D when I was a lot younger. I thought about why not look back at the many first-person shooters I’ve played and see which shotgun was my favorite one to use. So let’s get to it.

10. Double Barrelled Shotgun – Quake – This gun isn’t as fun to use like it is in Doom 2, but I still love using this weapon. Just like a lot of shotguns in video games, it’s optimal in close quarters and I absolutely love the speed of this gun since it reloads very fast compared to other the other shotguns I’ve used in this list.

9. Doom 3 – Shotgun – This gun is quite controversial among Doom fans. It doesn’t have the same amount of versatility of the original and the biggest turn off for this gun is the lack of range. You absolutely have to use it in nearly a point blank situation to make the weapon show its true strength. However, I always loved this gun and I personally feel like if you know how to use it properly, it is almost as satisfying as the original game’s and god do I love gibbing zombies with this gun. It also got such a sexy reloading animation.

8.  Shotgun – Duke Nukem 3D – The regular shotgun in this game is the all rounder. Great for close range, but also deadly at far range. It’s just insane this thing has a very tight spread where you can almost treat it like a sniper rifle. It also has a satisfying sound effect when you fire it; making the enemies you kill always rewarding.

7. Shotgun – Duke Nukem Forever – I may be in the minority here, but I actually think the Shotgun in Duke Nukem Forever was more satisfying to use than Duke Nukem 3D. I just love how the weapon looks when you carry it, it has a sexy reload animation and it just sounds more satisfying than the one in Duke Nukem 3D. It isn’t as powerful as the Duke Nukem 3D version for sure, but it isn’t a weak weapon either. You gotta the gibbing effect it comes with it too.

6. Spas 12 – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – I remember when I first saw Call of Duty Youtuber, Sandy Ravage, using the Spas-12 and playing aggressively against his online opponents, it inspired me to use this gun more. It is an extremely satisfying weapon to use and by far the best shotgun I’ve ever used in a Call of Duty weapon. What makes it deadly is a consistent weapon to get a one shot kill up close and can still do damage at close mid to mid range which makes this weapon a force to be reckoned with. It’s just a shame the shotguns I’ve used in the later games haven’t come close to the magic of this one.

5. Automatic Shotgun/Schockhammer – Wolfenstein: The New Order/Old Blood – I absolutely love the Automatic Shotgun in Wolfenstein: The New Order. The name is fairly self explanatory and thing can also rip Nazi’s body pieces apart which makes it a very satisfying weapon to for close range. It also has a weapon mod which is called Shrapnel rounds which is also just as strong as using the normal rounds.

The prequel featured a downgraded version called the Schockhammer, but it’s still as fun to use since the prequel took at an earlier time setting than Wolfenstein: The New Order, so it made sense for the gun to be downgraded. However, it’s still just as fun to kill Nazis as the Automatic Shotgun.

4. Super Shotgun (SnapMap) – Doom (2016) – I will admit. I have mixed feelings of the Super Shotgun of the campaign variant. I think it’s very mediocre without reaching its maxed upgrade variant since it’s not really a consistent weapon for one shot kills on weaker enemies like the Imp or Possessed Soldier, and it has very little range. The multiplayer variant is ok where it can be deadly up close and if you weaken the enemy decent enough, it can generally get the kill. The SnapMap version feels more like the Doom 2 version. It’s very versatile and extremely deadly up close. It’s also makes gibbing the demons you face feel more real as this gun is a top tier weapon in SnapMap. It’s the weapon I always feel comfortable having with me.

3. Shotgun – Doom (1993) – The shotgun I believe people think when they are thinking of satisfying shotguns in video games. It’s a personal weapon. The weapon is deadly up close, it has a decent amount of range which can make it useful at mid range against weaker enemies, and I never get tired of seeing the animation it does when you fire it.

2. Super Shotgun – Doom 2 – I thought the original shotgun was my personal weapon in Doom. That was all gone until I played Doom 2 and picked the Super Shotgun in the second level. It’s basically like the regular shotgun except three times as stronger and more rewarding to use. It may not have the same range, but since Doom has always been predominantly a close quarter friendly game, the Super Shotgun is generally the weapon you would want to use when fighting hordes of demons.

It also has such a satisfying sound effect when you fire it and the reloading animation is much more memorable than the regular version.

1. Super Shotgun – Quake 2 – It wasn’t easy to pick this Super Shotgun between the Doom 2 variant, but I just love Quake 2’s Super Shotgun so much. I like how it does shoot faster than Doom 2, but it also just sounds more punchier. It’s just music to my ears. Not only that, when you put on Quad Damage with this thing, the buzz you get is just too much. It’s probably the most satisfaction I can possibly get out of using a shotgun in a video game. It may not be as versatile as Doom 2’s version, but it still far from being a weak weapon and I can definitely say it will be one of the more memorable weapons when you play through the campaign.

It also may not look as appealing as the other shotguns I mentioned, but looks don’t matter to me. It’s all about the feedback you get when you use the weapon.

I Prefer Single Player FPS More

Image result for online first person shooters
Photo credit by Flickr.

When I was young and pretty much discovered this fascinating thing called online gaming. I was really hooked because I grew up playing against AI throughout my childhood and during my teenage years was coming along, I eventually got decent internet connection to play online games.

My first online game I ever played was Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne. It wasn’t a first-person shooter, but a strategy game, and it was definitely a very fun and mesmerizing experience to be able to play against players around the world instead of AI that was designed from the developers themselves.

I believed my very first online first-person shooter experience was Soldier of Fortune or Doom 3. I really did enjoyed playing online multiplayer first-person shooters as much as I did with Warcraft 3. It was definitely a lot of fun and it seemed like I could never go back to playing single player to the same enjoyment I once had. Destroying my opponents over the online world was just too much fun whether I was playing a deathmatch or capture the flag mode. However, as time passes by, I kind of learned that I pretty much prefer single player games more in general and this is definitely true for first-person shooters.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love playing online multiplayer to this day. I do have a fix to wanting to play Halo: The Master Chief Collection when I really want to play a satisfying multiplayer game, that’s generally my go to online game on the Xbox One. I’m not entirely anti multiplayer. I can still enjoy them as much as my single player experiences. The question is, why all of sudden I don’t enjoy multiplayer as much as I used to?

First of all, I’ve always had a pretty weak internet connection and for those who play a lot of online games, connection is definitely key to your playing performance. Some genres are much more demanding than others and first-person shooters in my opinion, is some of the demanding ones out there. If you’re not playing a good connection or your connection isn’t in favor of the host or server, your connection performance is going to affect your level of enjoyment.

You could put tons of bullets and shots into your opponents and it seems like he or she won’t die, but he or she can kill you in a matter of seconds which can totally ruin a lot of the fun if you don’t want to witness so much nonsense while playing online.

As I graduated high school, I realized a lot of my friends I used to play with have moved on to playing video games. It’s either they don’t got the time for it anymore or they simply don’t have the same interest in them like they once were when teenagers. Playing with friends have always been a fun and social thing to do with video games which did encourage me to play multiplayer games more. However, this type of activity has died down as I gotten older.

Single player driven games are just simple. You just simply load up a game and you’re ready to play. You don’t have to worry about getting bad teammates on your team, worrying about playing on a bad connection, or going against players that can ruin your fun like playing with hackers or people abusing the game’s exploits. You pretty much get an optimal playing experience right off the bat while when we playing online games, you’ll never know what kind of matches you’ll get.

People always like to say once you beat a campaign of first-person shooter, there’s no point of going back to it, but I beg to differ. You can play it on a higher skill level, you can try out different strategies and some games kind of feature an alternative mode like Doom (2016) has an Arcade Mode which does play it differently than the standard Campaign mode where it’s much more faster-paced and arcade-like.

First-person shooters are generally popular for multiplayer experiences today, so it might seem strange for the new aged gamers for me to say this, but first-person shooters actually started off having a lot of strong single player experiences. Multiplayer may be the ideal way to play your favorite video games in today’s age especially with eSports is becoming bigger and bigger, but sometimes, it’s best to take a break from your Call of Duty and just play some Quake and shoot a bunch of ghoulish demons in a medieval themed setting.

I Don’t Have a Favorite Shooter

I always believed the games I played all have their pros and cons. I love both the original Doom and Duke Nukem 3D for being fantastic single player experiences, but I love Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Halo 2 for being fantastic multiplayer experiences. However, there are different styles of first-person shooters too. Some of them are more “old-school” where these games follow the design philosophy of ’90s first-person shooters and some of them are following what a lot of first-person shooters are implementing for today’s crowd.

Sometimes, it’s fun to play a game Call of Duty and just have that fast time to kill and Rambo fantasy of shooting your assault rifle with controllable recoil and getting rewarded as you play very well. However, I don’t mind playing a shooter that’s more over the top and ridiculous to a point I can rocket jump myself to higher levels or have the ability to increase my movement as I strafe jump. I don’t want to use a M16 at times, I sometimes want to use a lightning gun to kill my opponent.

It’s always great to be able to carry all your weapons that you find throughout your campaign in a Duke Nukem 3D style of experience, but sometimes, I like to be strategic of what I can use and can’t use in a Halo styled format. Stories in video games have always been a fairly debatable topic whether it enhances the overall playing experience or not, but sometimes, I want to have a story in my campaign since single player experiences are supposed to be about immersion, but sometimes having a story line can enhance that.

I really love how this genre does got a lot of different styles of first-person shooters. Some of them will follow a certain format of design and some of them will follow a different one. It’s all about how you present that design at the end of the day and of course deliver quality to us gamers to enjoy or inspire.